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Let’s combine applied research and practice

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What is the Porsche 
Digital Campus?

The Porsche Digital Campus is an innovative initiative with the goal of bringing together research and real-world application in the fields of AI, machine learning, and data science.

Our unique program aims to build a strong global community of students and young professionals as we offer various opportunities for you to get involved at different locations and through different formats.

Through workshops, events, short-term projects, and more, we provide a platform for you to engage with cutting-edge technologies, gain practical experience, and collaborate with industry experts.

What are we working on?

A. Wilms

Quantum Team-Project HYBRID

The project with the FU Berlin pursues an ambitious, interdisciplinary approach that focuses not only on a deep understanding of quantum-classical hybrid algorithms but also on a real use case, thus providing solution approaches for real-world applications.

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T. Grosse-Puppendahl, P. Hallgarten, L. Zwaller, C. Hoellig, P. Asgharzadeh

Building chatbots for business units

Porsche's AI research team receives frequent inquiries about chatbot development. We recognize the potential of technologies like ChatGPT to enhance creativity, improve customer experiences, and aid decision-making. However, these models have limitations. We explore PLLMs, common issues, and propose the Retrieval Augmented Generation Pattern as a solution for enterprise settings.

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M. Ptiček

Teaching the power of data at the leading faculties in Croatia

Our Data Science team in Croatia held a series of lectures at leading universities across the country, where they explained the importance of data and showed how data science and sports cars work together. Using real-life examples, we taught students everything they need to know about the tools and methods we use to prepare data for analysis and machine learning, helping them to master those skills.

What do we offer?

Innovative Projects Impact the future and actively contribute to the development and growth of great innovative projects.

Mentoring Find experienced experts who will guide you and help you find your specialty and support you in taking the next step in your education and career.

Workshops Identify problems, discuss questions, brainstorm ideas and develop solutions together with a group of participants and share your results.

Co-Location Spaces & Show Rooms Collaborate on projects on premises with fellow talents and experts and experience the work of others.

Events Attend our events to gain knowledge, get connected with interesting people in the industry and grow your professional network.


AI Coding Days

Stuttgart, Germany
19.-21.09.2023 - Apply till 31.8.2023
Are you a student and would like to know how data and AI-based solutions can enrich Porsche? Apply now for this exclusive Porsche hackathon and shape the future with us to develop AI solutions on a specific topic within a few days. Tell us a bit about your studies, your motivation and attach your CV to apply.
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